About Us

Welcome to glutengetfree, a gluten free blog where you can find trusted advice for a healthy gluten free life.

Who We Are

GlutenGetFree is a gluten-free health website that educates, advocates, and raises awareness about celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and provides informational guides that will help you find more gluten free news such as Gluten Free Bread, Gluten Free Diet Plans, Gluten Free pizza, Gluten Free Recipes, Gluten free cereal, gluten free flour, Gluten free restaurant and many more.

We are operated by a team of remotely enthusiastic writers who each live a gluten-free lifestyle.

Our Team

GlutenGetFree was founded by Ivy Natalia & James Russell in 2018. We are cousins ​​and each of us is suffering from gluten-related illness.

After a few years of gluten-free experience, the two brothers finally decided to start a gluten-free blog.

Ivy Natalia

Ivy Natali is a Registered Dietitian. Ivy Natalia has experience dealing with individuals suffering from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and gluten-free foods.

In the previous 6 years, Ivy Natalia had considerable experience in journalism and was a freelancer as a gluten content writer.

Ivy Natalia has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in scientific research, both in nutrition, from Laval College in Quebec City, Canada. A hungry visitor and a lover of yoga practice.

James Russell

James Russell currently lives in Australia and is one of the very lucky ones to have the opportunity to travel around the world, James Russel has visited more than 32 different countries on 5 continents.

Armed with an experience that has traveled the world, James Russel wants to share the restaurants and products he finds on the go. In the hope that other Celiac/gluten-free travellers can feel the benefits.

Jame Russel is very confident that suffering from Celiac disease or gluten intolerance will not deter you from enjoying the pleasures of life, be it food or travel. Travelling gluten-free means more preparation is needed in researching eating options before your trip.

Shared Experience

Over the past six years we have learned how to explore playmates, schools, sports and places to stay, restaurants, travelling by car, plane and boat, hotels, adventures and holidays.

Through experimentation and research, we’ve also identified some of our favorite products and brands, all of which we’ll share with you. Celiac is not without its challenges. It takes a lot of planning, but two amazing advantages for us are that we’ve become part of an awesome celiac and gluten-free community, and we cook and eat healthy fresh food every day.

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