Best Gluten-Free Flour for Cakes

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Choosing the Best Gluten-Free Flour for Cakes

Understanding the best gluten-free flour for cakes will help you choose the right alternative for wheat flour when baking. As you already know, wheat flour is perfect for baking because of its gluten content, which binds the flour and prevents the batter and dough from crumbling.

Gluten-free flours don’t have gluten, so they tend to crumble when used for baking. You need to know how to choose the right gluten-free flour that will be perfect for baking and how to deal with crumbly flours.

The Best Gluten-Free Flour for Cakes

The key to choosing the best gluten-free flour for cakes is to choose a certain flour product that contains protein that will not turn into gluten. There are a number of flours that meet this criterion.

Brown Rice Flour

Brown rice flour is good for baking because it has a protein that doesn’t turn into gluten. The flour is very fine and light, but it also has a gritty texture that makes everything made from it somewhat crunchy. Brown rice flour’s taste is very mild, so you may need to mix it with more flavorful flour to strengthen its taste. In fact, brown rice flour is often mixed with other gluten-free flours to prevent the latter from becoming crumbly when used as a batter.

Sorghum Flour

Sorghum flour is another flour that you can conveniently use for baking. In fact, despite its relative unpopularity, it is actually the best gluten-free flour for cakes because its protein content is higher than that of rice flour. Sorghum flour is also high in fiber, so it is good for your diet. If you want to bake sweet cakes, sorghum floor is also a good choice because of its naturally sweet flavor.

Flour Mix

The easiest way to find the best gluten-free flour for cakes is to buy a flour mix product that is labeled good for baking. There is a large assortment of gluten-free flour products that you can buy online or from local groceries. Some examples include Arrowhead Mills All-Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Mix, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Baking Flour, and Cup4Cup Multipurpose Flour Gluten Free.

Finding the best gluten-free flour for cakes is no longer a hassle nowadays, especially because all major flour mills in the states are ensuring that gluten-free multipurpose flour is always available on the market. If you prefer to use a particular type of flour and not a mixture, be sure to know how to deal with its crumbly texture properly.

How to Deal with Crumbly Gluten-Free Flour When Baking

There are two ways to deal with crumbly flours like almond flour when baking. Firstly, you can mix the flour with eggs to create a batter. You can then add water to make the batter thinner if needed. Secondly, you can mix the flour with another type of gluten-free flour that can maintain consistency. Brown rice flour is a good example of the best gluten-free flour for cakes that will make baking a convenient and hassle-free process. Mixing two or more flour types together will also enhance the texture and taste of the mixture.

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