Campbell’s Gluten Free Soups

The Best Substitution for Campbell’s Gluten Free Soups Product

It said that you will get many health benefits from having a gluten-free diet in your everyday meals. Fortunately, we can find many products that can help us to use this diet method. One of them is the product of Campbell. One of the most popular products from this brand is the campbell’s gluten free soups. With this product, you can make soup easily and its ingredient is designed to be gluten-free.

The Problem

Unfortunately, many of the latest products from Campbell can’t be said as a gluten-free product anymore. Yes, there are still other products in their line of product that has gluten-free status. But, the product like the chicken broth or meat broth, use one of the ingredients that make it has gluten inside. We found that it uses barley yeast.

For some people, barley yeast maybe won’t be a problem. So, even if you are in the middle of a gluten-free diet, taking this much of gluten won’t affect your diet. However, the main problem here is the consumer that has Celiac disease. This disease is very sensitive to gluten. Therefore, the barley yeast is a big no for them.

The Solutions

Fortunately, there is another soup product from Campbell that doesn’t have that problematic ingredient. Mostly, this is the vegetable soup type. So, if you want to try the soup product from Campbell, you can try those the vegetable soup products. Just make sure you read the ingredient list to ensure that there is no problem consumes it.

On the other hand, you also can make soup. There is a base soup recipe you can use as the start. Then, you just add many ingredients in it to create the soup that you like. Are you interested? Here is the recipe of the gluten-free soup you can try.


  • 1 1/3 cups of soy milk. Or, you also can use low-fat milk, if you can’t find the soy milk.
  • ¼ cup of all-purpose flour. Choose the gluten-free flour. Make sure you read the package carefully, so you won’t make a mistake.
  • ¼ light butter.
  • ½ teaspoon of salt. You also can omit this ingredient, if you plan to add the salt later after you insert the other ingredients.

The direction to make the base soup using those ingredients is easy. Just put all of them inside the blender and blend them all. Then, you just need to heat it up, if you want to make the soup. With this base soup, you don’t need to use Campbell’s soup anymore. Moreover, you also have more freedom to create any soup that you like using this base soup.


Campbell is indeed a very popular brand that has many great products. Unfortunately, for people that need a gluten-free product and have Celiac disease, we don’t recommend you to use their product. Even though they have a gluten-free product, but the place to make the product is still the same. So, there is a chance that there is contamination when they produce the campbell’s gluten free soups.

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