Clif Bars Gluten Free

Things You Must Know about Clif Bars Gluten Free

Snacking is the arch-enemy of those who are dieting. It only adds more calories and fats, which only ruin your diet plan. However, there are many brands that claim they make a healthy snack for diet. One of them is the clif bars gluten free. The gluten-free status in this product makes it safe to consume, even though you are losing your weight. However, is this product really safe to consume?

Clif Bars Gluten-Free

The Secret Behind Clif Bars Gluten-Free

First of all, Clif is really made this product with gluten-free ingredients. Therefore, if you are using the gluten-free diet program, you won’t have a problem to consume this product. With many flavor options, you also can get a delicious snack you can eat, whenever you feel hungry. Some people even eat the gluten-free Clif Bars for breakfast. However, you need to know several things about this product.

First of all, this product isn’t organic or natural product. It was made in the factory. Therefore, you can see it as a processed product. It went through many steps and process from the ingredients into the shape of bars that are ready to sell and consume.

So, if we talking about the nutrients, we can say that it has a low amount of nutrients. It has only protein, sugar, and carbohydrate that are needed for energy refill. Therefore, many people use this product to replace their energy when they do some physically heavy activity, like hiking or weight lifting.

Basically, consuming the Clif bars gluten-free will give you more problem or risk than benefits. In certain condition, as we mentioned above, you can get its benefits. However, normally, there is a risk of health problem that you can get from consuming this bar.

The Solutions

The best way to avoid the risk from the gluten-free Clif Bars is making your own Clif Bars. It’s quite easy. Moreover, you can even make it more gluten-free than the original Clif Bars. Here is one of the recipes you can try.


  • A cup of pitted dates,
  • ½ cup of coconut flakes. Choose unsweetened one.
  • 2 tablespoon of nondairy milk.
  • ¼ cup of nut or seed butter.

What you need to do is mix them all in the food processor. Mix them well until it turns into a paste-like mixture. If you want to make it have more flavors, you can add extra ingredients, such as vanilla extract or other ingredients. Once you mix them well, pour it on the pan or place that you prepare. Then cool it down by placing it inside the refrigerator. Once it becomes solid, you can cut it in a specific size to get your own bars.


The best thing you can get from making your own clif bars gluten free is the taste is much more delicious than the original one. And of course, you also can avoid many health risks that you can get from consuming the processed product. So, try it now and get the benefits of consuming this healthy snack.

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