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Frosted Flakes Gluten Free Version You Might Not Know

Frosted Flakes is a perfect menu for breakfast, but maybe you’ve never heard of any Frosted Flakes gluten free options. Though Frosted Flakes is made of cornflakes, doesn’t mean it’s free of gluten and is safe for everyone.

It is the added sugar, like malt, that makes it not gluten-free. You’ve probably known that malt does contain gluten. Once it’s added to the cornflakes, people with high intolerance of gluten might want to eat it. However, as stated in Kellogg’s website, Frosted Flakes is suitable for gluten free diet.

One thing you should be aware of, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people with celiac disease, safe to eat it. As they might still contain certain amount of gluten and everyone with celiac has different level of intolerant.

A highly sensitive person might even feel sick when consuming corn by itself, even the one without any artificial sugar. Another worse scenario is that you may be constipated and bloated, just by eating the proceeded corn.

Before thinking of consuming it, you need to ask you doctor if the product you’re picking is really safe for you. Even if you don’t have allergy and just following a gluten-free diet, you may need to rethink if you want to have Frosted Flakes in the morning.

So, if you’re still wondering if Frosted Flakes gluten free. You’ve got the answer. Fortunately, Kellogg Company offers a wide variety of products that are gluten-free. It’s a whole new version, because the main ingredient is brown rice, though the sweetener uses the same ingredient.

The good news is, of course, it’s safe for you who have gluten intolerant and for you who’s avoiding gluten for diet.

By adding a new variety, doesn’t mean that Kellogg replaces the old one entirely. It still produces the gluten contained version, yet you have another option if you prefer the gluten-free one.

It is just packaged differently and it should be noticeable if you’re looking at it closely.

The only difference that you might find in the box is just the color. For the gluten free version, there’s a combination of blue and tan color, while the old one is all blue. So, it is you who need to be careful in picking the product.

One thing to keep in mind is that, over time Kellogg may have some change in its formulas and recipes. Remember that Kellogg didn’t put wheat, barley or rye on its label, but the malt sweetener made it contains gluten.

At least, you should equip yourself with some information about ingredients that are naturally has gluten and those that are not. But if you’re not sure of what you know, you can contact the company directly or find out the nutrition information that is available in the product’s website.

But maybe you want to look at other types of instant cereals in the stores. There are plenty of options that are just as delicious as Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Other than Frosted Flakes gluten free version, you can pick another brand that might serve your need.

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