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Recommended Gluten Free Breakfast Bar

If you are going on a gluten-free diet or intolerant to gluten, it does not mean that you have to give up on your favorite meals such as a breakfast bar. Many people love to consume a breakfast bar because it is practical for their busy morning. Moreover, it is also delicious.

Unfortunately, most breakfast bars contain gluten that cannot be consumed by those who are intolerant to it. But, do not be worried. Here are the recommended gluten free breakfast bar for you.

  1. The Pure Bar
    The Pure Bar is probably not as easy as any other breakfast bar brands to find in the market. But its taste and quality of the ingredients used will make this breakfast bar as one of your favorites. This breakfast bar brand uses pure organic ingredients so that it can be assured that The Pure Bar is really healthy. The most favorite is the blueberry flavor. It will remind you of your not-so-healthy grain bars in your childhood.
  2. Health Warrior Chia Bars
    The next recommended gluten free breakfast bar is Health Warrior Chia Bars. Health Warrior Chia Bar consists of tiny breakfast bars so that if you are looking for a breakfast bar that can help you feel full in the morning until brunch, this might not be the one for you. However, this breakfast bar contains chia seeds which are beneficial for the health of the body. Health Warrior Chia Bar is a practical option for you who want to instantly add chia seeds to your daily meal.
  3. Kind Bars
    Kind Bars is the favorite breakfast bar of many people. It is because this breakfast bar is sweeter than some other breakfast bar brands. But for you who are concerned about your blood sugar level or your sugar intake, this is probably not the best option for you. But the original fruits and nut bars are healthful enough. Kind bars breakfast bar is not made from organic ingredients, but it is non-GMO either. So, this breakfast bar is still healthy to consume.
  4. GoMacro Macrobars
    This breakfast bar brand is probably not as healthful as other breakfast bar brands on the list. But it is still recommended for you to taste it. GoMacro Macrobars is made from granola and coconut which offers you balanced goodness. If you are looking for an organic breakfast bar that is able to keep you healthy and away from hunger, GoMacro Macrobars breakfast bar is a good option to choose. Are you interested to try this breakfast bar?
  5. ThinkThin
    The main purpose of this breakfast bar is offering a low sugar option which is really good because most healthy bars usually contain quite a lot of sugar. Even though ThinkThin breakfast bar is low in sugar, it still tastes delicious. There are many flavors available such as brownies flavor and peanut butter flavor. Its texture is similar to an old school energy bar. For you who love something crunchy, you can choose the nut bars covered with chocolate. Makes you drool, doesn’t it?

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