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Some Brands That Concern About Gluten Free Chapstick and Ingredients to Watch Out

Having diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac disease means you have to be careful with the foods you consume. Gluten is commonly found in rye, barley, wheat and other related grains. Today, you can gluten-free bread easily on the market. However, it doesn’t only the foods you need to watch out.

It is also important to make sure that you are using makeup that is safe especially gluten-free chapstick. Avoiding lip products with gluten in its ingredients is vital for you since the area you use it on, it can easily come into your body.

There are some brands that made gluten-free chapstick especially for those with celiac disease. It is safe for you who have gluten intolerance and still able to hydrate and care your lips. You are still deserved to be beautiful no matter how your condition is.

1. Softlips

Softlips value their customer by presenting all products with gluten-free. Moreover, their products also do not contain yeast. Their gluten free chapstick is not only capable to moisturize your lips but also contain SPF 20 which will protect you from UVA and UVB from the sun. There is a range of flavors you can choose such as cool cherry, coconut cream, honeydew melon, French vanilla, strawberry sherbet, ravishing raspberry, and watermelon.

2. EOS

EOS also offer all of their lip balm products in gluten-free. EOS is a makeup manufacturer which means Evolution of Smooth. Their gluten free chapstick is intended to be hydrating and moisturizing your lips. People who have gluten intolerance can choose a variety of flavors they have offered including passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, coconut milk, and blueberry acai.

3. Sun Burn

Sun Burn is another brand that concerns those with celiac disease. Their gluten free chapstick is also containing cocoa butter, aloe vera as well as SPF 30. It will not only moisturize your lips but it will also protect you from the bad effect from the sun. The flavors you can choose are banana, coconut, and pomegranate. The company also offer this product for the vegan community.

Some other brands which are popular with their chapstick products don’t include sources of gluten on the ingredients information. But there are still risks since they themselves couldn’t guarantee if during the manufacturing it doesn’t get contamination with gluten. The popular brands you shouldn’t take risk are Burt’s Bees, Nivea, and Chapstick.

In another case, if you are interested in certain brands but do not know if it is gluten-free chapstick or not, you can try to assess the ingredients. There are some ingredients in the packaging that you can use to learn if it contains gluten or not. Usually gluten will be written in scientific or Latin names, so here is the list to help you identify it: AMP-isostearyl, cyclodextrin, Avena Sativa, dextrin palmitate, bran extracts, flour lipids, fermented grain extract, germ extract, flour lipids, maltodextrin, malt extract, hydrolysed vegetable protein, mixed tocopherols, Secale cereale, Hordeum vulgare phytosphingosine, sulfosuccinate vitamin E, tocopherol, stearyldimonium hydroxypropyl, Triticum lipids, yeast extract, vegetable protein, Triticum vulgare.

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