Is Folgers Coffee Gluten Free

The Folgers as a Gluten Free Coffee

Is folgers coffee gluten free? Lately, many people are already aware of health by starting with a healthy diet. The most common thing they do is try to live sugar-free. The consideration is usually the coffee that has become a mandatory drink for some people.

The problem is there is still plenty of coffee on the market that already gluten free. And if there is one, it will immediately become a hype like what happened to Folgers coffee.

Folgers Coffee History

Folger coffee itself is from California. The headquarters is in San Francisco sees a niche market for ready-to-cook coffee, instead of un-roasted green beans. Teenage JA Folger started as a building carpenter at first factory, and by the time becoming the owner of it. Not by their statement or the question is folgers coffee gluten free.

With the rise of news about coffee folgers already gluten free. More and more people are also questioning is folgers coffee gluten free? And by that, a lot of people start to do some research by double-checking the ingredients or simply emailing the company.

The e-mail replies that were received by some customers were very surprising. Because the company denies that its product was gluten-free. They added, maybe people were just confused by the true meaning of gluten-free products.

Types and Ingredients in Folger’s Coffee

  • The Classic Roast Coffee
    Folger’s was made with all-natural ingredients for the coffee. There are no additives added to it. But, by it, they never claim that their coffee is folgers coffee gluten free. Usually, the great coffee beans will be grown in warm climates around the world. And the coffee bean used for this coffee was planted in warm days and grown at a higher place to improve the quality of coffee beans. This is not always a guarantee for the quality but, the coffee will grows taller and has a better taste as an advantage over the coffee that grows underneath. Folger’s claim that their coffee is “Mountain of Growth,” which means all their coffee bean was planted on a higher place with the right temperature and always watched by their quality control.
  • Robusta vs Arabica
    Arabica coffee usually has a deep and complex flavor and aroma. On the other side, Robusta has a simpler taste with a hard and bitter tone. For how to plant it, Arabica and Robusta have striking differences. Arabica needs more space to grow well to produce good coffee beans. For maintenance, it is also slightly more difficult than other coffee beans. That’s what makes Robusta has a cheaper price on the market. Because the way to plant and care for it is inversely proportional to Arabica. Folgers Coffee especially the one that is Folger’s coffee gluten-free they combine Arabica and Robusta to produce a coffee powder with a coffee bean texture game which will certainly produce a new taste that is unique to the coffee when served.
  • The Brewed Coffee
    The flavor of this Folgers coffee is very classic yet still smooth, which will match everyone’s taste. And with that, Folgers does have natural ingredients and expects customers to ask is folgers coffee gluten free anymore.