Is Psyllium Husk Gluten Free

The Secret Behind Psyllium Husk

Is psyllium husk gluten free? If you are having a gluten-free diet, you must at least once get a piece of advice to include this ingredient in your diet menu. It said that this is one of the best ingredients that you can choose for gluten-free needs. So, what is the answer? The answer is yes. Psyllium husk is gluten-free. However, you can’t just use this fact to include it in your diet menu. First of all, let’s understand what you can get from this ingredient.

The Benefits and Risk of Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk can help you to improve your digestive system performance. Its ability to absorb water and create slippery gel is good for softening your stool. Therefore, many people use this ingredient to solve their constipation problem. Moreover, 70% of soluble fiber inside also help your digestive system to absorb all nutrients from the food that you eat. However, you can’t just eat the psyllium husk just like that.

Consuming raw psyllium husk will only increase the risk of many health problems. For example, the mucilaginous fiber in psyllium can become a factor that makes your autoimmune system become more aggressive. It will attack your healthy cell.

On the other hand, this ingredient also can become the food of pathogenic bacteria that enter your body along with the food. Moreover, if you eat the psyllium husk that has been contaminated with other kinds of seeds. That will only increase the risk of having more health problem. And, its gluten-free benefits will be disappeared because of this problem.

How to Use Psyllium Husk Safely

The best way to use psyllium husk is using it as one of the baking ingredients. There are many benefits that you can get from using it as baking ingredients. First of all, it will act as the ingredients that tie down other ingredients.

Usually, if you bake the gluten-free bread using gluten-free flour, it will be easier to crumble when you bite it or pinch it with your finger. Adding psyllium husk will solve that problem. Actually, you can use xanthan gum, which will give you a similar result like the bread that you make using normal flour. However, psyllium husk is much cheaper and easy to use. So, this is the best choice.

If you want to use psyllium husk for baking gluten-free bread or cookie, there is a rule you must follow. The amount of psyllium husk you can use must be 5% of the gluten-free flour amount. With this amount, you will get a nice result in the end. The less crumble and delicious gluten-free bread.

The best of all, you can use psyllium husk in any type of breads that you want. You can even use it for making pizza dough and even pasta. Just search it on the internet. And, you will find many recipes you can try. So, is psyllium husk gluten free? Yes, it is. And, you also get more benefits and use it for many recipes.

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