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Do You Gluten-Free Diet Comfortably with the Help of New Grains Gluten Free Bakery

If you are suffered from a specific disease such as celiac disease, it means you have to do a gluten-free diet program. Just imagine how hard to find gluten-free foods except cooking it by yourself. If you don’t have time to do it you need to read the information about new grains gluten free bakery below.

About New Grains Gluten Free Bakery

This bakery is a family business which has 7 years of experience to handle healthy foods, especially gluten-free products. The business started when the founder and his children were diagnosed with celiac disease.

As the result, they have to eat gluten free foods and they know how hard to find such kind of foods. Based on their problem in finding gluten-free food, Tim Lawson started New Grains Gluten Free Bakery in January 2011.

The idea of this business is to help people who want to do a gluten-free diet program, especially for those who are suffered from celiac disease.

The Benefits of Taking Gluten-Free Products from This Store

This store is trying to satisfy its customers by giving an excellent service. For example, you are able to consult with their customer service, especially if it is your first time to buy gluten-free products.

Moreover, they want to deliver fresh products to customers. The products are made daily to keep its freshness. At the same time, the products will be sent right away to your address to keep its freshness. As the result, you can eat fresh gluten-free products.

The most important thing, all the products are 100% non-GMO so you don’t need to worry about the cross contamination. You can eat the food without anything to worry about and you can keep your small intestine health.

Some of the Gluten-Free Products Offered to You

This store has a variety of gluten-free products offered to its customers. For example, they have blueberry bagels, cinnamon raisin, plain bagels, and multigrain bagels. In this case, you are about to enjoy a soft texture along with fresh ingredients.

You can see the complete detail on their product catalog including the ingredients and the nutrition label. They also have some special products such as gluten-free fudge brownie mix, crepe mix, pecan caramel bar, and many more.

Those special products provide you with a high-quality product to make your own gluten-free food at home. Most gluten-free products are available here including bread, cookies, cake and treats, seasonal products, and special orders.

Besides a perfect place for people with celiac disease, this store is also a good place for vegans who want to find fresh and healthy foods and ingredients.

The good news is that finally, you know where to go if you need gluten-free ingredients or foods. You don’t need to get confused anymore and keep your small intestine save. New Grains Gluten Free Bakery knows what to serve because the owner is also suffered from celiac disease.

He knows the best ingredients for people with celiac disease. In the end, you can enjoy delicious and fresh gluten-free products at a reasonable price.

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