Vegan Gluten Free Cake Mix

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The Best Vegan Gluten Free Cake Mix

Vegan gluten free cake mix can be the cake mix which can make their healthier life goal easier. There are many people who want to live healthily but it seems that they cannot do it properly because they cannot find the products which can support their diet. Being vegan surely is a decision which is committed by many people.

Being vegan does not mean that they will not lose the opportunity for enjoying foods easily including the cake. However, it might be a little bit more challenging when they also have to avoid gluten-filled products.

In fact, the cake mixed below can be great support for baking gluten-free vegan cake which can meet their taste.

Ardenne Farms

The first product of the cake mix which people should try is Ardenne Farms. This is the cake mix for a yellow cake which is made from all natural ingredients. This can be the best choice of cake mix which people can consider because it comes with the buttery vanilla flavor.

It is interesting that the finished cake will have the buttery taste because there is no butter ingredient used when making this cake. This product can be made into cupcakes with soft yet sturdy texture. It is almost similar to a pound cake.

The frosting can also be held up properly by the finished cake. Besides free from gluten, this product is also made in the facility which is free from nut and peanut.

Simple Mills

Simple Mills offers people with the cupcake and cake mix made from almond flour with vanilla flavor. The interesting part of this cake mix is that it has less sugar. The glycemic index of the cake is also lower than other cake mix products.

Besides the almond flour, there are other ingredients used for making the cake mix including coconut sugar and coconut flour. It means that this cake mix will be friendly for the paleo diet and diabetic diet.

There are no grains, corn, soy, dairy, and emulsifiers used in this product.

Better Batter

Another option for making the yellow cake is Better Batter cake mix. It is a great vegan gluten free cake mix option which can help people to bake the cupcakes which are not only soft but also yummy so it can be a perfect choice for a birthday celebration.

The yellow color comes from the turmeric which is a natural coloring with the anti-inflammatory properties. This is the secret ingredient behind the appealing cake appearance after all. It is also free from the top allergens. Besides made in the nut free facility, this product comes with vegan, corn-free, and gluten-free certification.

Cherrybrook Kitchen

Last but not least, people can consider the yellow cake mix by Cherrybrook Kitchen. This is the product which can be made into airy cupcakes with a bit of vanilla taste.

The production of this cake mix is in the facility which is free from peanut and tree nut.

The equipment is not used for producing any product which has eggs, dairy, or gluten within. It must be one great option of vegan gluten free cake mix.

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